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Who is Mr. Driller?

Susumu Drill Spirits

Susumu in Drill Spirits.

Mr. Driller (known as Susumu Hori) is a fictional character created by Namco, and is the main protagonist in all the games. He is also the official mascot of the series, being one of Namco's many collective mascots. He is the middle son to Taizo Hori, the protagonist of the Dig Dug series, and Toby Masuyo, the main protagonist of the Baraduke series. Susumu is the world's highest ranked Driller, given the title "Mr Driller", and is also a member of the Star Trigon Team. Susumu is a very courageous young boy, and very kind and sweet. Though, he can be a bit careless and an airhead. He lives in a pink house shaped like a Pooka with his dog roomate Puchi in Endogawa, Tokyo. Susumu is the 2nd youngest character in the series, along side with Taiyo and Puchi. Susumu is slightly younger than Anna by 2 months.

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