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Name Anna Hottenmeyer
Age 15
Date of Birth December 24, 1986
Height 2 Drills
Weight Unknown
Blood Type A
First Appearence Mr. Driller 2
Race European
"Girl Power!"
—Anna Hottenmeyer

Anna Hottenmeyer (Japanese: アンナ・ホッテンマイヤー) is a major character in the Mr. Driller series. She is one of the very few female characters in the series, and she has a friendly rivalry and a secret crush with series protagonist Susumu Hori. She made her first debut in Mr. Driller 2. She is voiced by top notch actress Mitsuko Horie, also providing voices for Susumu Hori and Puchi.

Anna is of German descent; she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Usually seen wearing her white drilling suit and goggles, the sleeves of her suit are a pale pink, with an orange star symbol on her chest. Her goggles are blue in color while the earpieces are orange. Her normal clothes consist of a white t-shirt with pink short sleeves and an orange star on the chest (pretty much matching her driller suit). She additionally wears dark green pants and red sandals.

Anna came from an Elite Driller School from Germany, and she is a current resident in an apartment in Tokyo with Holinger-Z. She's the second best driller in the world, with Susumu being number one. She's a strong-willed tomboy and dislikes doing girly stuff (such as wearing a dress), to the point of constantly being mistaken for a boy, by both the players and the main character himself. Anna is slightly older than Susumu, born 2 months before him.

Anna decided to become a driller after hearing of her parents' death in a cave-in accident when she was still a child. 


Anna has faster movement speed that surpasses most of the other Drillers. However, she is not as fast as Ataru Hori
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Anna in Mr. Driller Drill Spirits.

Anna Mr. Driller 2 and 3

Anna in Mr. Driller 2 and G.


  • Anna's name is a pun on the Japanese phrase Ana o hotte (穴を掘って), which means "digging a hole".